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2009 Projects in the Holy Land


Madaba Schools restoration (Jordan)  JOD 535,000 (Jordanian dinars)  (€581,000)

This project follows extensive reorganization of the schools in Madaba.  More precisely, starting from the next school year, in Madaba Balad (close to the city) there will be a mixed school for boys and girls up to grade 3 and a girls' school form grade 4 to 12, while Madaba Ma'in will become a single sex school for boys from grade 4 to 12.

The works (construction and plant) will include the electro-mechanical systems, 32 classrooms, 1 library, 4 laboratories and 30 WC units.  The total internal works area is over 3,500 sq. mts., while external works will amount to 1,800 sq. mts. of outdoor facilities and playground.

Most of the classrooms, which are now located below the level of the ground outside - especially in the existing Madaba girls' school - will be vacated and converted into stores and alboratories.

The concrete structure of the kindergarten (270 sq. mts.) will be reinforced and 13 WC units and the outdoor playground will be refurbished (500 sq. mts.).

A new multi-purpose 772 sq. mt. hall will be built in three phases to serve the whole Madaba area, including boys', girls' and mixed schools.  In the first two phases the works will include facilities for sport and cultural activities at a cost of JOD 150,000 which will be subsidized by local contributions and is not included in the Order'er donation as shown above.

Hashimi School renovation (Jordan)  JOD 180,000 (Jordanian dinars)  (€195,000)

The project refers to the renovation of the ground floor adjoining the Church, used by the primary school, together with the associated external toilet facilities, plus the first and second floors of the school itself.  Works include reinforcing the load-bearing elements, the consturction of drainage pipes (gutters) and the restoration of the playground area.  The result will be 17 classrooms, 1 library and 4 laboratories covering an area of 1,817 sq. mts. (internal) and 1,500 sq. mts. (external).

Hashimi Kindergarten renovation (Jordan)  JOD 653,000 (Jordanian dinars)  (€68,000)

A complete upgrading of the kindgerten will be made, especially of the sanitary units and the two kitchens.

Fuheis Alali school (Jordan)  JOD 170,000 (Jordanian dinars)  (€185,000)

This project includes completion, by the end of August 2009, of refurbishment of the extension (6 new classrooms and 2 sanitary units started in 2007) as well as the upgrading of the whole ground floor in order to complete the infrastructure for science and computer rooms as well as technical laboratories.  In addition, the restoration of the playground area and the external landscaping will be carried out.

Minor external works also concern the shchool in Fuheis al Balad - the project put on hold in 2008 - to fence in the area of excavation and remove the danger to pedestrians.

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