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Manuscripts of early Christian era found...

A British team of archaeologists led by David Elkington last week announced the discovery of a hoard of ancient texts that they claim could have been written by contemporaries of Christ and whose existence is hinted at in the Bible's apocalyptic Book of Revelation.

There are 70 manuscripts, probably from the 1st century allegedly smuggled into Israel.   When authenticated, it is believed to be the greatest archaeological discovery of the region since the scrolls of the Dead Sea in 1947.


Byzantine Church 1,500 years old discovered outside Jerusalem...

 Israeli archaeologists have uncovered a Byzantine Church dating back 1,500 years with the help of the Antiquities Robbery Prevention unit. 

The pursuit of a gang of grave robbers has led to the discovery of this ancient church outside Jerusalem that may contain the burial place of the biblical prophet Zechariah, Israeli authorities said on Wednesday.

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Feast of the Baptism of our Lord celebrated in the Jordan site


           In the 10th year of this pilgrimage, faithful Jordanians and pilgrims from around the world gathered at the site of the baptism of Jesus by John on Friday, January 14th. 

Bishop Salim Sayegh, Auxiliary Bishop for Jordan, presided over the celebration with the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Giorgio Lingua as well as with the participation of Bishops of the Catholic churches in the country: Melkites, Maronites (also from Lebanon),Chaldeans. 

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Holy Land Coordination

The Holy Land Coordination which is a group of bishops from England, Wales, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and the United States,  has concluded its annual meeting in Jerusalem.

The prelates spent four days meeting with the Christian population in the Holy Land and renewed their pledge to support Christian communities in the land known as the fifth Gospel.

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Vatican Splendors: A Journey through Faith and Art

The Missouri History Museum in St. Louis is hosting one of the largest collections of art, documents and historically significant objects from the Vatican until September 12, 2010.

“Vatican Splendors: A Journey through Faith and Art” will present unique objects illustrating the Vatican’s impact on history and culture through 2,000 years. 

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